Hi, my name is Michelle Laque Johnson and I am the Director of Communications at the EWTN Global Catholic Network in Irondale, Ala. We are the largest Catholic media network in the world — broadcasting to 225 million households in four languages on 11 networks in over 140 countries and territories!

So who are we? What’s it like to work here? What are we planning to air in the coming months? Find out more in my new blog, “Inside EWTN.” Find it at https://insideewtn.wordpress.com!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself! I have worked in journalism and communications for more than 20 years, as Editor-in-Chief of an 85,000 circulation newspaper, as an editor/reporter for a metropolidan daily newspaper and several national publications, including “Investor’s Business Daily,” and now as Communications Director for the largest religious media network in the world.

I’ve given workshops for journalists at national and regional press conventions on how to use social media to expand their publications’ outreach and increase circulation, and have trained journalists on how to become an expert in their niche for a national publisher.

I also love using social media and other PR tools to promote organizational goals and create communities. I am the founder of the Facebook group, Social Media for Catholics, and the new blog, “Inside EWTN.” Please come join me at https://insideewtn.wordpress.com!

3 Responses to About

  1. Tom Wenzel says:

    Nice blog Michelle! Well done.

  2. Thank you for sharing the Gospel.

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